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Winnie Bwire (Dida of Sultana Series) and Dan Sonko confirms breakup

Sultana Citizen Tv actress Winnie Bwire popular Dida has confirmed a breakup with her lover Dan Sonko. She said the two parted ways.

Today, Winnie Bwire alias Dida did not miss any single word while explaining her past relationship with Dan Sonko.

Dan Sonko and Winnie Bwire were once together until July 2023.

She didn’t hesitate to explain all the challenges they have been facing as a family.


She openly said Winnie Bwire and Dan Sonko relationship ended and is a thing of the past. All this was during her appearance on Lynn Ngugi’s show.

The two got together during the healing process after Dan Sonko lost his wife when giving birth to her second born.

During their time together, they both had issues but stuck together. Winnie Bwire Ndubi was battling cancer, and Dan Sonko developed mental issues.

Dan and I are actually not in a good place, we are not together anymore.

As much as people would want to focus on that situation from a negative point of view after going through my heart, I sit here and say he is my friend,

Bwire revealed

Yes, Bwire Ndubi and I are no longer romantically together. We are still very good friends, but when it comes to love/family – to each, their own. We still maintain a cordial business relationship,

Sonko shared in a post.

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