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Sada Of Sultana Biography, Real Name, Age, Husband and Children

Sada is a renown Kenyan actress, Mc and event organizer based in Mombasa. She is a Kenyan Citizen by birth. Her real Name is Saada Fateh. She was born and raised in the coastal region.

She has appeared in Tv Series such as Kovu and in Sultana as Antie Sada.

She is the wife to Jeffa Aze. In her real life, Sada is a Kind woman everyone would like to hang around with.

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Role (Sultana Tv Show)Sada
Real NameSaada Fateh
HusbandJeffa Aze
Place Of BirthCoastal Region
Tv SeriesKovu, Sultana
Date of BirthUndisclosed
RelationshipHappily Married


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