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Ruto Postpones Reopening of all Schools until further notice

Schools to remain closed until further notice, President Ruto Directs.

Friday, 3rd May 2024 – State House Kenya: President William Samoei Ruto has postponed the opening of all schools in the country until further notice.

The Ministry of Education is directed to postpone the dates of the reopening of all schools in the country for the second term until further notice the President said.

Meteorological reports paint a dire picture. The rains will persist increasing both in duration and intensity for the rest of this month and possibly after.

The Cyclone is predicted to cause torrential rain, strong winds and powerful and dangerous waves, which could potentially disrupt marine activities in the Indian Ocean and settlements along the Kenyan coast.

The President said.

The President of the Republic Of Kenya Dr. William Ruto issues the directive 3 days to the opening date which wa rescheduled to 6th May 2024. According to the presidential address, sending teachers and learners to class during this rain season is endangering their lives.

Before the Presidential statement, the Ministry of Education had issued a directive to the parents to ensure all their children arrive at school safely on Monday. This followed an urge to the teachers and the management to ensure the one lost week is covered by their own strategies.

The Bord of Management was also asked to ensure all the facilities are in good condition and safe for use. It should be noted that the floods destroyed the classed, desks, books and toilets which sound to be risky for use by the learners.

When will the School reopen for term two 2024?

The schools have been closed down and the reopening for term two 2024 rescheduled until further notice.

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