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President Ruto Opens up on 2,100 Government Employees with ‘FAKE’ Certificates

corruption is underscoring national development with approximately 2,100 unqualified employees

The President of the Republic of Kenya H.E William Ruto has come clean raising alarm over the existence of about 2,100 employees with fake academic papers. The individuals are said to have either forged or falsified the academic qualifications to secure the state employment.

Speaking in Nairobi on 17th-April-2023 during the NWBA – National Wage Bill Conference, President Ruto insisted that their is corruption within the public sector underscoring national development.

We must deal with corruption firmly. There is a lot of wastage and theft in the public space. We can put more resources into development and i think we have now stabilized what we need to stabilize. We will now confront corruption. head on going forward. A simple audit has revealed 2,100 people with fake certificates working for government.

Said President Ruto.


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