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Scramble for 8 roles as Kenya Telenovela announces acting auditions

Kenya Telenovela has advertised acting auditions. from the poster shared their are 8 roles available. Kenyans have however been advised to try their luck to develop their talents.

Below are the advertised Tv acting auditions roles, cast in Kenya 0n for 3rd, April, 2022.

Casting Call

Kenyan Telenovela


1. Nashipai (Female)

Age: 18 – 20 years.

Role Description: Beautiful Charming, Shy, can transform from a traditional woman to modern and vise-versa.

2. Lenana (Male)

Age: 22-24 Years.

Well-built, Charming/likable, has an ego of a moran.

3. Lemiso (Male)

Age: 22.25 Years.

Role Description: Respected, Ruthless, Controlling character.

4. Tunai (Male)

Age: 48 – 55 Years]

Role Description: Respected, Ruthless, wealthy, philanthropist.

5. Lemuani (Male)

AGE:45 – 50 Years.

Role Description: Greedy, Cunning.

6. Naisoi (Female)

Age: 38 – 42 Years.

Role description: Loving, motherly, submissive, patient.

7. Lenkai (Male)

Age: 22 – 24 Years.

Role description: Well built, likable, charming.

8. Ziporah (Female)

Age: 22 – 24 Years.

Role description Slay queen.

Applicants are expected to send a short monologue in swahili. A Monologue is a speech presented by a single character, most often to express their thoughts aloud, though sometimes also to directly address another character or the audience.

Successful candidates will be contacted. They should include the name and character for TV auditioning. sharing the details for auditions is to be done via whats-app 0727035679.

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