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New Side Rail Ads Introduced by Google Adsense

13th December 2022, Google Adsense introduces New Ads tagged Side Rail Ads. The advertisement is set to appear on google monetized websites.

The Side Rail Ads are expected to appear on wider screens like laptops. According to Google Adsense, Side rails will stick on the sides of the screen as a user scrolls.

This will serve as an advantage to the publishers as they will witness an increase in autoads revenue.

What are Side Rail Ads?

Side rails are Ads that stick to the sides of pages when they’re viewed on widescreen devices, such as desktops.


When will Side Rail Ads start appearing on wider screens?

From the recent notification to the publishers, Side Rail will start appearing from 13th December.

“Side rail ads to show on wider screens from 13-12-2022. If you already have anchor ads turned on, side rails will automatically start to appear on your site.”

Adsense has control over this new set of advertisement. The publisher is expected to take no action since the change will take effect on sites automatically.

How to turn off Side Rail Ads on your Site?

To publishers who prefer not to show side rails, you can turn off ‘Side rails’ in your Auto ads settings.

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