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Mixed Reactions after Netizens accused Christina Shusho of “plagiarism”

Christina Shusho is a Gospel musician from the Kigoma Region in Tanzania. He is widely known for her ability to pick up a bible verse and sing it perfectly with a very nice tune.

Recently, a section of Netizens accused the Gospel music maker of plagiarism.

The accusations, however, led to the split of Internet users, some supporting her system of writing skills.

After a close scrutiny of comments on social media, Tambua Africa News has identified that Christina Shusho is widely loved. Many appreciated her talent of singing exactly what the Bible states as a word of God.


Here are some of the reactions;

1. Christina Shusho is a vessel of God. Her music has always been inspired by the word of God.Every morning, it is therapeutic to my heart. may God bless this woman. Good morning from my side to all the 5am club members.

2. Most Kenyan men are crushing on Christina Shusho because of not only her sex appeal but also she is the best gospel artist in East Africa.

3. Haha.. Hata kama Christina Shusho anaCopy from the bible, it takes a special talent to turn those words into a song bro.. To make them fit in a flow in her music.. I stan

4. The essence of the Gospel goes beyond reading the Bible.

It becomes even more profound when intertwined with thanksgiving —emanating from the soul rather than aiming solely for material gains from the Gospel industry.

Christina Shusho should be studied by other Gospel artists.

5. I have seen Tweets accusing Christina Shusho of “plagiarism” because most of her songs are Bible scriptures. I am surprised that most of you munajua hivyo leo. She is doing what is supposed to be done with gospel songs. Not songs like “nataka nikuingize” by Embarambamba

Tambua Africa Reporter

Blogger and news writer at Tambua Africa News.

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  1. I loved you even more than you’ll say here. The picture is nice and your writing is stylish, but you read it quickly. I think you should give it another chance soon. I’ll likely do that again and again if you keep this walk safe.

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