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Mambo ni Matatu, Aukot’s Emotional Letter to President Ruto

‘Mambo ni Matatu’ phrase that means three options is one of the recently most used in Kenya.

In everyone’s directives, Kenyan citizens have been pegged to giving atmost 3 options. The most prominent persons who happened to have used the phrase Mambo ni Matatu was President William Ruto. He first used it directing the sugar industry cartels either to leave the country, be arrested, or travel to heaven.

President William Ruto, who is the founder of the phrase “Kenya Mambo ni Matatu,” is now suffering the kickback from his own words.

Recently, the Thirdway Alliance Party leader Ekuru Aukot had penned down a letter to President Ruto issuing him 3 options ‘Mambo Ni Matatu’. The three options in a letter by Aukot to President Ruto are that he is transparent, face prosecution, or resign.


Aukot after issuing ‘Mambo ni Matatu’ to Ruto, he has threatened to move in court within 30 days if records of costs and revenues are not put online for Kenyans to access.

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