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Kuza ICT Awards 2024 Voting, Nominees List Unveiled – CAK Kenya

Kuza Awards 2024 voting is set to begin on Monday, 22nd April 2024 to May 22. This was announced by the CAK- Communications Authority Of Kenya Director General David Mugonyi.

The Kuza Awards was initiated in Kenya by the Authority about 7 years ago. This was to help recognize broadcasters who stand in line with the Regulatory Requirement Board of Kenya.

The voting period will run from 22nd April to 22nd May 2024 after which a jury will retreat to assess the outcome and list of the final winners.

David Mugonyi said.

D.G David Mugonyi made these remarks during the launch of ICT week and the Kuza ICT Awards 2024 at Sarova Hotel in Nairobi. According to his remarks the Kuza Awards 2024 will be rebranded to Kuza ICT Awards.


This follows after a careful and close reflection to the feedback attained from the industry. They realized that the two events will be more valuable if merged together thus expanding the Awards to incorporate the entire Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) sector.

The Awards shall noe be called The Kuza ICT Awards. This union allows us to energize ICT Week, create broad-based industry awards and benefit from the synergies of having an all-inclusive event.

Kuza – The phrase KUZA is a swahili word which means NURTURE. This is exactly what we hope to achieve.

KUZA ICT AWARDS 2024 THEME – Innovation for a Sustainable Digital Future.

David Mugonyi Explained.

Voting for the Kuza ICT Awards 2024 will cut across 9 categories. These are:

  1. Broadcasting Awards
  2. Postal and Courier Award
  3. Telecommunications Awards
  4. Green ICT Awards 2024
  5. Cyber Security Excellence Award 2024
  6. Child Online Protection and Safety Award
  7. Women and Tech Award 2024
  8. Lifetime Achievement Award 2024
  9. People’s Choice Award 2024.

Simple Procedure on How to Vote for Kuza Awards 2024 – SMS

Kenyans are expected to follow the following procedure to vote,

Kenyans can Vote Kuza Awards 2024 via the SMS short code 15601 or online at The Kuza ICT Awards Nominees list will be unveiled for voting.

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