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Kuza Awards 2023 Winners Full List – PDF Download

16th June 2023 – Gala Night Kuza Awards 2023 takes place as the 6th Edition Kuza Awards Winners List is unveiled.

Full list of Kuza Awards 2023 Winners per category.

Ref-KK FM (Action Africa Help Kenya) – Technological Advancement category for the North Rift Region

"momentous achievement for Ref-KK FM (Action Africa Help Kenya)! They've secured the Gold award in the Technological Advancement category for the North Rift Region at Kuza Awards 2023. Located at Kalobeyei refugee centre, their incorporation of refugees as presenters and their dedication to promoting the interests of a vulnerable group highlight their commitment to inclusivity. Kudos!"
CA Kenya

Urban Radio (Zircon Kenya Limited) – Technological Advancement category for the Nyanza Region

"Urban Radio (Zircon Kenya Limited) shines bright with a Gold award in the Technological Advancement category for the Nyanza Region at Kuza Awards 2023. Their well-equipped studio, strong online social media presence, and dedication to featuring and incorporating youth in their programs highlight their commitment to embracing technology."
CA Kenya

Nyota TV/FM (Nyota Fm Limited) – Technological Advancement category for the Western Region

"Nyota TV/FM (Nyota Fm Limited) shines bright with their remarkable achievement in the Technological Advancement category for the Western Region at Kuza Awards 2023. With their well-equipped studio and active online social media presence, they truly exemplify technological excellence. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition!"
CA Kenya

Akili Kids (Akili Partners Limited) – Children and Broadcasting category

"A well-deserved achievement for Akili Kids (Akili Partners Limited)! They've secured the Gold award in the Children and Broadcasting category at Kuza Awards 2023. Their commitment to promoting children's welfare is evident in their high-quality content, dedicated programs, and use of Kiswahili. Kudos to Akili Kids for their exceptional contribution!"
CA Kenya 
1.Mr. Francis W. WangusiLife Time AchievementGold
2.Akili Kids (Akili Partners Ltd)Children BroadcastingGold
3. Nyota TV/FM (Nyota Fm Ltd)Technology Advancement – Western RegionGold
4.Urban Radio (Zicon Kenya Ltd)Technology Advancement – NyanzaGold
5.Ref-KK FM (Action Africa Help Kenya)Technology Advancement – North RiftGold
6. Royal Media ServicesTechnology Advancement – NairobiGold
7.Mutongoi FM/TV (Weru Tv Services Ltd)Technology Advancement – Lower Eastern RegionGold
8.Pillar Tv (Mt. Kenya Blessings Company Ltd)Technology Advancement – CentralGold
9.Gabriel Times Tv (Glorious Times Ltd)Upcoming Broadcaster TvGold
10.Mo Radio Fm (Jicho Pevu Ltd)Upcoming Broadcaster RadioGold
11.Ratego Radio (CEA Media Africa)Community RadioGold
12.TV 47 (Tv47 Limited)Commercial FTA TVGold
13.Radio 316 (TBN Family Media Ltd)RegulatoryPCA
14. Muchiri MikeFavorite Online ContentGold
15.Mutua AbelFavorite Online ContentPlatinum
16.Kihoto FMFavorite Regional Radio StationGold
17.Kaya FmFavorite Regional Radio StationGold
18.Tuliza FMFavorite Regional Radio StationGold
19.County FMFavorite Regional Radio StationGold
20.Star FMFavorite Regional Radio StationGold
21.Namolwe FMFavorite Regional Radio StationGold
22.Berur FMFavorite Regional Radio StationGold
23.Radio VunaFavorite Regional Radio StationGold
24. Lubao FMFavorite Regional Radio StationSilver
25.Star Times KenyaFavorite Pay Tv ServiceSilver
26.Go TvFavorite Pay Tv ServiceGold
27.Radio Citizen FMFavorite RadioSilver
28.Radio MaishaFavorite RadioGold
29.K24Favorite Tv StationSilver
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