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KPLC Planned Power Interruptions, 16th May 2023

Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) announces power outages for 16th May 2023 that will affect some parts in the mentioned 6 counties.

“Good Evening. The listed areas will be affected by planned power interruptions tomorrow (16th May, 2023). The interruption is part of network maintenance. For the advance notice, use To access the latest schedule, check under the most recent date.” Reads KPLC statement on Twitter.

The six counties scheduled for power outages tomorrow, 16th May 2023, include Kirinyaga County, Embu County, Kiambu County, Kajiado County, Trans Nzoia County, and Vihiga County.

1. Kirinyaga

Areas in Kirinyaga that will go powerless for approximately 8 hours include Kiaga Centre, Abai Lodge, Parts of Kaguo, Kakindu Primary School, Kirinyaga Co-operative Union and its adjacent customers.


2. Embu County

Parts of Embu County scheduled for power outages 16th May 2023 include the Freevabe Hospital, Muthatari, Nthokis Hotel, PCEA Vieznina, and the adjacent customer.

3. Kiambu County

In Kiambu County, this are the region registered for Power outages 16th May 2023.

Areas in kiambu are mostly from Oaklands, Karangi and Gatuanyaga.

These regions are CRF, Karangi East, Newbury Shop, Kagera Primary, Mutate Shops, Kirugiro, Kahuguini, Karembu, Wamitaa, and adjacent customer.

In Gatuanyaga, Kisii East, Leather Industries, landless, Thika, Barracks, Machen, Gatuanyaga, Salama, Pakjel, and Adjacent customer.

4. Kajiado County

Kajiado has also been included in the maintenance service, where by on 16th May 2023, these regions will experience power interruptions.

Areas in Kajiado County scheduled for power interruptions include Kitengela and Isinya. The local regions are Kitengela medical, Balozi Road, Deliverance Road, Utumishi, Upper Valley, China, Dartford, Yashpole, Kenchic, Maasai Rolling’s, Imara steel, Jamie Bora, Maua Agritech, Desire flora, Kisaju Maasai Cables, Isinya Roses, Korompoi, Kimalat, Musa Primary, New World, Fred’s Ranch and adjacent customer.

5. Trans Nzoia County

Kplc power interruptions in Trans Nzoia County will affect the following regulations in Mtondo Inn. This includes, Cherangany Hospital, Kephis, Muthoni, Mutambo, Prison, Namgoi, Village Lane, Siyenga, Sirende, Khetias Factory Amagoro,Maili 7,Siritiet, Toro, Simatwet and adjacent customer.

6. Vihiga County

The last county scheduled for Kplc power interruptions tomorrow, 16th May 2023, is Vihiga County. Areas in Gambogi and Kapsengere are the ones to go for 8 hours without electricity as the Lighting Company technicians carry on the maintenance process.

These regions in Vihiga are Enzaro H/Centre, Gambogi, Market, Kapkerer, Jebrock, King Market, Chandugunyi Gold Mine, Shoka maize Mill, Gilwatsi, Tigoi, Masana, Nyang’ori, Terek, Kapsengere, Soi and adjacent customer.

Kenyas in those regions have been encouraged to remain calm during the KPLC power interruptions time as indicated in the notice.

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