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“Is there Sultana 28th July 2023 Episode?” Fans Ask

Fans on Sultana Citizen Tv show are in confused mode not knowing if there will be Sultana 28th July 2023 or the 27th July was the Season Finale.

In review of the previous episode that was aired on Thursday night, Some key indicators that the show might end is that one, Babu is arrested, two, Major Jabali is put under police custody, Kokan supports Jjs marriage to Sultana, and Sada meets her Eldet brother.

It has been a trend after the daily episode is aired on Citizen tv. The next days episode is uploaded to the Viusasa App and youtube Channel.

This is not what happened yesterday. Due to that reason, Fans have been using all digital platforms to dig out any information that could kill down their curiosity.


This has led to the following trends on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms.

Google trending searches

Sultana 28th July 2023?

Is Sultana Citizen Tv show coming to an end?

This is an opinion post, Citizen Tv and Viusasa have not released any information in regards to the end of Sultana Citizen Tv show. We are waiting and will update once an official announcement is made to Sultana season finale and which show will replace Sultana.

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