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Esther Musila Adopts two grownup children to silence online critics

Esther Musila is a 53 years old beautiful looking woman who is also the wife to the gospel musician Guardian Angel. She is popularly known for being an career woman, mother, musician, fitness enthusiast and content creator. The 1970s born was prone to online critics after getting married to Guardian Angel who is somehow younger than her.

The two Guardian Angel real name Peter Omwaka and Musila his wife have been victims of cyber bullying after they tied knot on Tuesday January 4, 2022.

Apart from their 20 years age difference, the main cause of criticism on the couple is the ability for Musila to have children for Guardian Angel.

Recently 26th October, 2023 , Esther Musila and Guardian Angel launched their record label Seven Heaven Music. During the launch of Guardians record label, Esther Musila used the podium to silence haters who were concerned about her getting pregnant. Musila and Angel have opted to adopt two grown up children officially unveiling their names as Sammy G and Derik.


Sammy G and Derik are now children to Peter Omwaka and Esther Musila. They are also musicians signed under the new label Seven Heaven Music.

In confirmation of her mother responsibility, Esther Musila said she she is very proud to be a new mother in town at her age. She vowed to give her two adopted children motherly love and all their needs at her best she could afford.

Sasa munaona wale watoto mulikua munaniambia nizae, sasa ndo hawa wamezaliwa. I am proud to be a new mother at my age despite everything and tutawalea vizuri. I am a good mother, so they are under good care.

Esther Musila said.

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