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417 Phones Recovered in Nyeri


Over 417 suspected stolen mobile phones have been recovered in Nyeri, and a 32-year-old man arrested in connection with the theft. The recovery and arrest followed interrogations that were done on two young men earlier arrested by Nyeri detectives after they were cornered while snatching mobile phones from shoppers in Gatitu, Nyeri.

The two arrested men were identified as John Kariuki and James Thuita.

John Kariuki and James Thuita were nabbed on November 1, 2023, before detectives proceeded to Gatitu shopping centre where their accomplice David Thinwa Ngatia, who operated a mobile phones repair shop was ambushed and the recoveries made.

Other items found stashed in his business space included two TV sets, three laptops, two cameras, 47 mobile subscriber sim cards, a HP printer among others. These were all seized and kept as exhibits.


The Nyeri security command has warn against a surge in pick pocketers who are mostly interested in smart phones, but assures the public that whatever cartels are involved are on police radar and will soon face the full force of the law.

Meanwhile, David has joined John and James as a guest of the state for the weekend, with his arraignment scheduled for 6th Monday, 2023.

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